Perbaikan Karakteristik Aerodinamika pada Kendaraan Niaga

Soejono Tjitro, Agus Aria Wibawa


A vehicle must have a high performance to be up against aerodynamic force that effect its stability and response. Vehicle's performance can be controlled by modifying their characteristic. In this research, vehicle's model is modified by the installation of accessories, such as : air foil, air dam, side air dam, spoiler, and dress up. The speed of the vehicle was varied in this research.
The result of this research shows that add accessory has a unique effect on the aerodynamic force.

Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia :

Performansi tinggi pada kendaraan dibutuhkan dalam menghadapi gaya aerodinamis. Di mana gaya-gaya aerodinamis ini mempengaruhi kestabilan dan respon kendaraan.
Performansi kendaraan dapat dikendalikan dengan mengatur dan mengendalikan karakteristik kendaraan. Dalam penelitian ini, model kendaraan ditambahkan asesoris, seperti : air foil, air dam, side air dam, spoiler, dan dress up dengan memvariasi kecepatan.
Hasil penelitian menunjukkan penambahan asesoris menimbulkan akibat yang unik pada gaya aerodinamis.

Kata kunci : aerodinamis, gaya hambat, gaya angkat


aerodynamic, drag force, lift force

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